Risha Casey



Risha completed a successful career in the United States Army, and realized she wanted to work with and help people. She began studying counseling and clinical psychology providing bilingual life coaching services with a focus on couples therapy, veteran transition, and romance enhancement. Risha now combines all of these skills to meet her clients’ real estate needs with an added personal touch.

Risha is married with three beautiful children, and the owner of The Business is Here LLC. She enjoys working with and talking to people. She is a natural problem solver and perfectionist and uses those traits to ensure that her clients have a fulfilling and rewarding real estate experience.

When she isn’t working late hours in the pursuit of her clients’ needs Risha enjoys spending time with her family, songwriting, yoga, and providing life coaching services to the community. Risha is currently pursuing her graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, making her a great listener which increases the opportunity for you to get exactly what you ask for.

“Make each day better than the last!"